promoting world peace through action

First public event held at Quorum Hotel in Tampa

Global Action Coalition first  public event was held at the beautiful Quorum hotel. The event was attended by community leaders interested in finding out the mission of Global Action and members of the United States Military and officers from many Coalition nations serving at Central Command.

There were several short introductory talks with highlights being Senior National Representative from Norway, Brigadier General Arne Skjaerpe sharing a Coalition world view and Board Member Hemu Adhikari telling about growing up in the Chitwan Province and why he is involved in helping with the two schools in that area.

During the evening there was an art auction where 100 percent of the art went to fund the first projects in Nepal. Artist Taylor Ikin and Nuance Galleries donated and paintings and original prints.  The organization raised money to start several projects in Chitwan Province. Special thanks to the Quorum Hotel for their support of Global Action Coalition.