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1 JUNE 2015

“Culture through Compassion” – Let’s rebuild Nepal, one family at a time

Three foundations covering Europe/Asia (Philanthropy Connections Foundation (PCF, Dutch), Global Action Coalition (GAC, USA) and Yogdaan Foundation Nepal (YFN, Nepal) today announced the launch of partnership to raise funds and awareness of efforts for reconstructing earthquake impacted communities in Nepal. Backed by media personnel, military & art supporters and business & software entrepreneurs, the partnership’s mission (goal) is to focus on impacted communities and help them regain their footing and take steps towards self-reliance beyond pre-earthquake level.

It is important that every dollar donated gets to the earthquake victims in Nepal.

Since the YFN founding members are providing office space, transportation, and minimal admin staff as a contribution to the organization, there is no overhead cost. All donations go to helping the people in Nepal rebuild their life. The team is rooted in Nepal with education and experience in the West. They are very energetic and efficient in getting things done. They know the language and culture and are not corruptible. YFN has received and deployed sizeable donations and is ready to deploy more money to rebuild Nepal.

About YFN’s Founders: Atulya Risal was one of the co-founders of a software company specializing in healthcare software application and Punam Risal was Miss Nepal 1996. After their successful careers in the USA, they went back to Nepal with their children to help build their country.

About PCF Founder and Board Member: Sallo Polak (founder) was a floor manager for well known Dutch TV host Catherine Keyl (one of the board members). He left his career to start an aid organisation to help vulnerable people build dignified lives.

Through the partnership with PCF in Europe/Asia and GAC in the USA, YFN will have better access to funding. The partnership will achieve its mission by deploying fund raised to:

  • Ensure that impacted residents of selected areas have immediate access to temporary shelter, permanent community/emergency shelter and a path to permanent shelter for each family
  • Assist with short and long term operation of schools in selected areas focusing on student needs (Teacher, Technique, Technology)
  • Implement short and long term income generation schemes for communities

“We are at a critical moment to make the most impact in helping the Nepalese villagers effected by the earthquake. Monsoon season will dawn upon them imminently, and with many of them still homeless, more fatalities and injuries will occur. This timely support from PCF (Europe, Asia) and GAC (USA) to raise funds and awareness of the devastation the earthquake on Nepalese villagers will allow us to meet and exceed our mission,” said Punam Risal, Founder of Yogdaan Foundation Nepal/YFN.

“PCF is grateful to be part of this partnership to help Nepalese villagers regain their footing. We already have a volunteer (and a great photographer) on the ground who has been working with a local team of young Nepalese volunteers. To work together with other like-minded non-profit organizations to make a huge impact for worthy causes such as Nepal earthquake natural disaster relief has been our organization goal,” said Sallo Polak, Founder of Philanthropy Connections Foundation/PCF.

“One of our GAC board members was contacted by Yogdaan a few weeks ago to assist in fund raising for their mission and to have their US donors coordinate their donation through GAC. We are very honored to have been involved in this worthwhile project. GAC has also been actively raising funds through organizing concert and other fund raising events for the Nepal earthquake victims,” said Rob Rowen, Founder of Global Action Coalition/GAC.


  • 25 April 2015 an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck Nepal (The Gorkha Earthquake) followed by another earthquake with a magnitude 7.3 on 12 May 2015. Over 200 aftershocks to date.
    • Over 9000 fatalities
    • Over 22000 injured
    • Over 500000 homes fully damaged
    • Over 300000 homes partially damaged
  • Majority of the impacted are subsistence farmers
    • Need to store their winter harvest and prepare for monsoon crop (rice/maize)
  • Monsoon rains arrive in mid June. Remote mountain terrains makes many of the areas unreachable once monsoon starts
  • Current emergency shelters (mostly tarp and tents) will not see them through monsoon and high winds
  • Huge social and economic effects of being homeless for the Nepali. We have to try to get them something they can call home urgently.
    • It was reported that the survivors were preyed upon by human traffickers involved in supply of girls and women to the brothels of south Asia
    • Close to 1.7 million children had been driven out into the open, and were in desperate need of drinking water, psychological counsel, temporary shelters, sanitation, protection from disease outbreak and schooling

Please review attached videos for illustration of the devastation on Nepali’s villages


Finances and Planning

Goal is to raise minimum USD 500000 to scale up current activities

  • Phase I – Temporary and Community/Emergency shelters
    • Minimum USD 270000 to assist with:
      1. Minimum USD 225000 for minimum 1500 temporary shelters at USD 150/shelter
      2. Minimum USD 45000 for permanent community/emergency shelters (USD 9000/shelter)
    • 6-10 communities with 50 – 500 impacted households
  • Phase II – Education
    • Minimum USD 100000 to assist with:
      1. USD 45000 go back to school kits to help children who have lost all school supplies. 3000 students at USD 15/student
      2. USD 55000 for computer(s) for schools who lost their e-library room and equipment (USD 5000/school)
    • Phase III – Income generation (for more communities than Phase I and II)
      • Minimum USD 130000 to help each community with income generation scheme based on local resource availability (USD 6000 – 10000/community)

Current pledge from individuals and institutions is at USD 273300, out of which USD 89600 has been received and partially deployed for the following activities since end of April 2015:

  • Temporary shelter prototypes
  • 600 Temporary shelters in 3 communities
    • One community of 50 temporary shelters has been completed
    • Two communities of 550 temporary shelters are in progress
      • 25 temporary shelters has been completed
      • 490 temporary shelter materials are being ordered
    • School kit is being piloted with 100 backpacks/kits distributed
    • Native fabric products (Income Generation)
      • One community with 4 women is being piloted to use 4 donated sewing machines
      • Training on sewing, design and tailoring are being provided to these 4 women to make items such as summer blanket, baby swaddle, poncho


Implementation Time Line

nepal relief implementation timeline

Why Donate

  • Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia and has little ability to fund a major reconstruction effort on its own
  • Mission is real, ongoing, with true impacts already felt
  • A local, honest onsite team with strong execution experience to ensure project is implemented effectively and efficiently
  • This team already built prototype and temporary shelters and is ready to move when more money comes in
  • In the targeted area of Nepal 85-90% of the houses is critically damaged and the monsoon season is around the corner
  • More fatalities and injuries will occur if the “homeless” do not find durable shelter when monsoon season peaked
  • Several pilots are being conducted related to education support and income generation schemes


About Yogdaan Foundation Nepal (YFN, Nepal)

Yogdaan Foundation Nepal is a non-profit organisation established in 2008 by Atulya Risal and Punam Ghimire Risal with the mission to encourage Nepalese community to retain and strengthen the culture of compassion. About the Founders: Atulya was one of the co-founders of a software company specializing in healthcare software application. The company’s majority ownership was sold in early 2011 and each of the founding members departed from the software company to pursue other activities including worthwhile charitable projects such as this Nepal Earthquake relief. Punam was Miss Nepal 1996 and went on to pursue her career as actress, newscaster, officer at NICA (NGO) and treasurer for FNA (NGO), and as banker at Citibank. After their successful careers in the USA, they went back to Nepal with their children to help build their country. For more information on YFN, please visit (tied to Facebook).


About Philanthropy Connections Foundation (PCF, Dutch)

PCF’s mission is to connect community partners to the resources that they need to support vulnerable people build dignified lives. Philanthropy Connections is a non-profit organisation dedicated to help community partners who seek assistance for the work they do to empower their communities, as well as for international private and corporate sponsors who want to be sure that their support is used in the most effective and cost efficient way. For more information on PCF, please visit


About Global Action Coalition (GAC, USA)

GAC’s mission is to promote world peace through action. GAC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to various Nepal causes from the recent earthquake to our signature Sister Schools Program. Over the last years we have had partnerships between our local schools and their Nepalese “cousin” schools; there was an exchange of letters and art as well as financial support from these schools to their poorer cousins. For more information on GAC, please visit



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