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Nepal Earthquake Report!

Nepal Earthquake Report!

Our Team from Gorkha has returned; hear is what he reported.

My team headed towards the Gorkha district on April 28, with the necessary items and the first aid team, but due to the bad weather we were stuck 40 km from Chitwan. Then next day as soon as road was open we arrived in Bhahcake due to landslide we started handing out the basic  items to the victims. Our First aid team worked on the casualties who needed the medical treatment.  At that place there were no casualties but the houses were almost destroyed and there is no place to live so asked us for tents to live in and to save their crops which was still in the fields.

Our medical team returned d to Chitwan as the weather was bad and the aftershocks were still going I with the other 5 member team hiked 9 hrs to the upper hills with some tents and food items and reached the Kafal Dada. We found  faced many problems getting there as  we had to divert our route due to the landslide on the paths.  The school is almost demolished where one teacher was seriously injured and has been hospitalized . It was so bad that we even could not locate the village.  Finally we reached the Kafal Dada it was almost dark so we stayed in one tent due to the heavy rainfall from 3pm to 9 pm and the aftershocks and we were afraid that a landslide might come and take us away we could well imagine what the people of there were living with.

Next day we donate our  materials to villagers and looked after the damage and the villagers told us that no government or relief group had reached them.  After that we take some photos of the village where almost all the houses were destroyed though some  houses you see in the photos look good from outside but are  damaged inside and not livable, showing how terrible are the conditions there.

Though we did not see a huge loss of life all their homes are gone with loss of their pets and domestic animals.  Also all their cooking utensils and clothes are buried in the houses which are too unsteady to go into to get them out.  We need a lot of help for these people and we are planning to return with more supplies.

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tarps covering wrecked houses now being used for shelters

So many needing so much, Kafal Dada village

Our supplies being given out in Karal Dada

Kafal Dada wreckage 1

Kafal Dada people

Kafal Dada mother with child in primitve shelter

Homeless people lining up for supplies,  wiht Madhu Sudan from Nourish Nepal our partner standing by. in Kafal Dada village



2nd story totally gone

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