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Soccer in Douda

Soccer in Douda

Douda is a small village near Djibouti City. When I visited last time I felt moved to help them. They live a simple life there, with small agricultural plots and creating crafts to get by.  Elana and I went there our second day and it was a wonderful experience: we brought soccer balls donated by the Rowdies and both Elana and I took turns kicking the ball around with the delighted children. After our meeting and their sweet presentation we talked about their needs. They described their needs for a schooling structure as well as a way to make their craft creation process more efficient. We decided to give them one of the shelters for a school room and suggested a microloan program to purchase sewing machines for their craft making. One lady painted Elana’s hands and wrists with henna in a time honored tradition which was a bonding experience between Elana and the village. You will see video of that and the welcoming ceremony, playing soccer and finally the erection of the blue med shelter by Djibouti Army members and US Navy Sea Bees. The Sea Bees, who were serving at Camp Lemonier helped us immensely by bringing a bulldozer to the site to level the ground and training the Djiboutian Army to construct the new schooling shelter there.

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