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Trip to Nepal

On October 1st we will arrive in Kathmandu.  At this time it will be Denny Garland, our field staff, Toby Isaacson, board member and myself.  On our first day in country we have scheduled meeting with international representatives to talk about working together in our three initial areas of interest.  We will then travel to the Chitwan Province to start several programs in the Kirantar and Uperdang Gadi Villages. 

There Board member Hemu Adhikari will be working with us on implementing these projects. These will be our 6th Grade Scholarship Program where we will be distributing bicycles and other school supplies and our lunch programs in the schools.  We will be looking into working out the details for our Remote Area Clinic Programs. 

We then travel to Tansen in the Palpa Province to meet with my good friend Colonel Bharat to survey the needs in that area.  From there it is deeper into the county side as we head west into the Gulmi Province.  There retired officer Hem Pun will meet with us to show us the issues in that region.  He is a cousin to Major Prem Pun who was recently the Senior National Representative of Nepal to Central Command.  This is where both of them were born and they are excited to have us come to the area. Having these connections in the three provinces will make sure of the effectiveness of our projects and the ability for us to get them completed with a minimum of expense.

Then our return to Kathmandu will again be an opportunity to meet with United States and members of the international aid community.  We will keep you informed as we can and be bringing back some incredible video and pictures to show on this site.

–Rob Rowen